Smear v.1.0.0


This is a suite of several Smear games. You may play the 4-point and  the (challenging) 10-point Minnesota Smear, the 4-point and the 6-point Wisconsin Smear and the Ontario Smear. In comparison to normal Pitch, these are the main differences - not all of which apply to all the versions of Smear: 

  1. One or more jokers may be added to the deck; these rank as lowest trumps, and are worth a point to the side that takes them.
  2. The point for low is always for the holder of the lowest trump (apart from a joker), not the winner of the trick which contains it.
  3. The other jack of the same colour as the trump suit is sometimes counted an extra trump ranking immediately below the normal jack of trumps, and scoring a point to the side that takes it. This extra jack is called the jick or the left bower, as in Euchre. 
  4. After the bidding, either the bidder or all the players may be allowed to discard cards to improve their hands. This ensures that most or all of the good cards are in play.