Frequently Asked Questions


Question #1: When I minimize the X game with the Alt-Tab, the program does not restore. Is there a possibility to fix this ? I don't want to exit (but rather I prefer  to minimize the window) if my boss gets into the office.


Answer: All current versions support running in a window. Older versions do not support this feature. Check for updates.

Question #2: I want to be able to take my move back. Can you add such an option ?


Answer: You are not allowed to get your move back in my games, just as in a real game with serious opponents (i.e. non-friendly).

Question #3: I occasionally forget what the trumps are (in f.ex. whist). Is there a possibility to add such an option ?


Answer: Just as in a serious (let's say tournament) game you should not do anything else than play your cards, this help will be unavailable.

Question #4: I encounter screen flickering. Is this a bug ?


Answer: If you notice flickering from time to time, then it is not a bug. If this is persistent and continuous, this is probably an incompatibility of your graphics card to your DirectX driver (mostly common to older laptop PCs).

Question #5: When I start to play a game, I usually forget which are the keys, then I have to exit and re-enter. Is there a possibility to add a help feature (f.ex. a "F1" key)?


Answer: The latest versions of most games with somewhat complex user control (e.g. rummy games) support online help (key 'H').

Question #6: In my country/county/city, we play the X game with the Y option/rule/deck. Can you add this to your existent X game version ?


Answer: Send me the explicit rules/options/etc. or point me out where I can find them and we'll see what we can do. 

Question #7: I downloaded the X game from the Y site, but I cannot install/run it in my computer (it hangs). Is there another version of the X game to try ?


Answer:  Check your administration rights in the PC you're trying to install the game. If the problem still persists, then e-mail me, fully describing your computer specifications. 

Question #8: Can I expect a version of the X game that features game statistics ?


Answer: This is not in the forthcoming development plans, however it is not excluded either.

Question #9: Is there a possibility to make the X game run in a window (i.e. not in a full-screen mode) ?


Answer: All latest versions of the games play in a window as well (which is the preferred setup for Windows 8, 8.1 and 10).

Question #10: In your X game page, you are referred to the X game v.1.0.5 while the link is broken/it points to v.1.0.0. I want this upgrade very much. Do you know where I can find v.1.0.5 ?


Answer: Uploaded software to repositories takes some working days to become available (maybe more for some mirror sites).  If this date is more than 10 days ago, please inform me, since it may be a missing update.  

Question #11: I am trying to run a speech-enabled card game (e.g. Oh Hell, Spades, etc.), I have installed properly the SAPI 5.1, but I receive a message "Automation error" and the game does not run. How can I fix that ?


Answer: Not all sound cards or sound devices are supported by SAPI 5, even if the operating system supports them otherwise. (text copied from the related Microsoft's page: )

Question #12: I am trying ineffectively to run the games in Windows Vista, and Windows 7.


Answer: To effectively run the game you must have disabled UAC. If you are still unable to run the game, you may try this: After you have installed the game, go to menu -> Thanos Cardgames -> Kaluki (or substitute the name 'Kaluki' for the game you've installed), then RIGHT-CLICK on this name (to show the popup menu), and select 'Run As Administrator..'. 


Question #14: I cannot download the YYY file. The link seems broken.


Answer: Sometimes the traffic limit from the download site is exceeded. Some other times, it is a truly broken link. Please send me an e-mail, I'll try to fix it in the most convenient time.


Question #15: Any plans for a Mac version?


Answer:  I regret that there are not any such plans. If you are looking for Mac card games, you might get help in this page.

Question #16: When I try to run the game, I suddenly encounter a message 'Path/File Error', and the game exits.



This concerns only OLDER versions. In all latest versions this error does not occur. So please first check and update your version. For dealing with older version, you may do one of the following.

Solution #1:

1. Go to C:\Program Files. There should be a subdirectory Project1. Enter that directory. If there is a subdirectory Res1, simply delete it.

2. Re-run the game. It should run without problems.


Solution #2: If and only if Solution #1 fails:

1. Unistall the game.

2. Go to C:\Program Files. There should be a subdirectory Project1. Delete directory  Project1.

3. Re-install the game.

4. Re-run the game. It should run without problems.



Reason #1: The games use a compressed file for the screens, which gets decompressed on-the-fly. Sometimes this could fail, for operating system reasons, leaving 'garbage' which prevents further runs.

Reason #2: Another reason is when you have installed a game over another (be careful when selecting/setting subdirectory to install the games, to avoid overlap in the subdirectories).



Question #17: I have installed the games in Windows 8 and they run slowly.



This is a problem of Windows 8 (it is related with the dwm.exe application) but if you run the games in a window, and you don't check the 'Use Video Memory' choice, you should have no problems anymore.