Chasse-Coeur v.1.0.0


Chasse-Coeur is described in Le Guide Marabout de Toutes les Jeux de Cartes and is said to have been popular in the late 19th century in northern France and Belgium.The aim is to take in as few card-points as possible. Each heart (other than the queen of hearts) counts 1 penalty point and each queen 13 penalty points, making a total of 64. Eldest hand leads and the winner of each trick leads to the next. You must follow suit if you can; if not, you must discard a heart if you can, otherwise a queen if you can, otherwise anything you like. If you win all the penalty cards the opponents score 54 penalties each. If you announce in advance that you are going for the lot, and lose, you count 64 against and your opponents none. A peculiar rule of play applies in an announced bid, namely: If the bidder leads a king, an opponent holding the queen of that suit must play it, and the king then wins, even if another opponent plays the ace. Also, a player unable to follow suit may play any penalty card, not necessarily a heart in preference to a queen.