8 August 2016

Individual downloads are now available from All games are newer versions, fully compatible with Win 10 and Win 8, 8.1 and they support playing in a window.

11 December 2012

Due to not having logged in for a specific period, Rapidshare removed the account with the two bundles. I will be replacing the links soon.

15 December 2011

After a long period where many links became broken in, missing games were re-uploaded into bundles to Rapishare.

29 October 2009

Most of the files uploading is finished and the games are available to download. A few of them that are not uploaded yet, will become available by mid-November.

26 October 2009

Uploading files is continued. Most of the trick taking games have been uploaded and are available to download.

4. October 2009

The website move has been completed. Game uploads planned to be completed by 31 October.

7. September 2009

The new Thanos Cardgames website is alive. Construction is planned to end before the end of September :-). Enjoy!