Schnapsen v.1.0.0


This is a suite of three popular 'Sixty-six' games: Schnapsen (Austrian 66), Sechsundsechzig (German 66) and Eksintaeksi (Greek 66). Closely related games to these are Tausendeins (Austria), Tute (Spain), Tyziacha (Russia and Ukraine), and Snapszli (Hungary), but anyone familiar with any member of the Ace-Ten family (such as Pinochle) will grasp the essentials quickly. 'Sixty-six' is an inherently tense game that requires a lot of concentration and so isn't good for socializing, but it's a challenging game whose interest never wavers. It is a point-trick game of the Marriage group, and so the basic idea is to win points by capturing valuable cards in tricks, and to make bonuses by melding marriages (matched pairs of kings and queens). However, there are a few ideas that set 66 apart. The first is that the game is played at trick-and-draw with no requirement to follow suit until the stock is closed, at which point the tricks remaining in hand are played out strictly follow suit and head the trick if possible, otherwise trump, otherwise renege, and no marriages. The second is that to win a hand you need 66 card points, and the players are required to keep track of their score in their heads -- the use of a scoresheet is not allowed. If your score reaches 66 and you neglect to announce the fact, then your opponent can claim a win when they reach 66, irrespective of your score; also, if a player claims 66 when they have not in fact made it, they pay a penalty.