Shelem v.1.0.0


Shelem also known as Rok, is a trick-taking card game with bidding possibly from the south of Iran with four players competing against each other in two teams. There is a bidding and trump is declared every hand by the bidding winner. Both the name and the point structure of this game are similar to the American game Rook. The dealer deals all of the cards, 12 cards to each player. After every player but the dealer has received his or her 12 cards, the dealer shall set aside 4 cards called as Zamin then the rest 12 cards are for the dealer.The players start bidding according to their estimation of their hand's value. Bidding starts from the player next to the dealer to the right. The minimum bid is 100 points and the increments of bidding to is 5 points. The high bidder becomes Hâkem, trump-picker. Hâkem adds the four cards of the Zamin to his or her hand, then lays any four cards out of his/her 16 cards to his side. The claiming team's goal is to at least get the points declared as their bid.