Oh Hell! v.3.0.2


This is a suite of six exact bidding trick taking games, the Oh Hell!, the Ascenseur, the Romanian Whist, the Greek Whist, the 10 op en neer and the Oh Shit!. Oh Hell! is a trick taking game with trumps that is played in 19 hands. Each successive hand is played with one card fewer, down to a hand of just one card each, then one card more per hand back up to the starting level. The object is for each player to bid the number of tricks he thinks he can take from each hand, then to take exactly that many; no more and no fewer. Points are awarded only for making the bid exactly, and are deducted for missing the bid, either over or under.The hook is that at least one player will fail on each hand, because the total number of tricks bid by the players may not equal the number of tricks available on that hand.You play it with authentic scanned decks, against strong opponents. Version 3.0.2 addresses compatibility problems with Win XP SP2 users.

Important Note: This software makes use of speech capabilities and requires SAPI 5.1 library or higher installed. To install this library download Microsoft's speech SDK 5.1 from this address, and then install the package in your PC.