Brus v.1.0.0


Brus is a partnership game played here by 4 players. Brus is unlike other card games in that the players play with unplayable cards! It is played on the Swedish island of Gotland. A 36 card pack is used, obtained from the ordinary 52 card pack by removing the ranks 2 - 5. 18 cards are called playable cards, ranking from highest to lowest: Jack of Clubs (Spit), Eight of Spades (Dull), King of Hearts (Brus), 9C,9S,9H,9D,AC,AS,AH,AD,JS,JH,JD,6C,6S,6H,6D. The sevens act as trick cards when led but are not called playable cards. Each player is dealt 9 cards. Forehand leads first. First if forehand has any sevens he lays them on the table. As sevens cannot be beaten, each seven led counts as a trick. Forehand then leads a playable card. Each of the other players in turn must play a higher card if they can. A player who cannot beat the previous card played does not discard but passes. When every player has had a chance to play, whoever played the highest card wins the trick. Two card decks are available to play with.