Sergeant Major v.1.0.0


This software plays Sergeant Major and 9-5-2. Sergeant Major is a plain trick taking game for 3 players, using a standard 52 card pack, which used to be popular in Britain's Royal Air Force. After a hand is played, in the next hand, each player who was up on the previous hand gives away one unwanted card per overtrick to a player who was down, and that player must return the highest card(s) held of the same suit(s), the aim being for a player to succeed in winning 12 or more tricks in one hand. 

9-5-2 is a Canadian game, identical to Sergeant Major apart from the player quotas (9-5-2 instead of 8-5-3 in Sergeant Major) and that, after trading cards and choosing trump, the dealer picks up the four kitty cards before discarding four (in Sergeant Major the dealer picks up the four kitty cards after discarding four).