Indian Rummy


This version of Rummy, also known as Paplu, is a very popular in India in general and in Maharashtra State in particular. It is a pastime enjoyed by persons of all walks of life, be it the commuters in crowded trains in Mumbai, housewives gathering together for kitty parties, retired persons meeting in clubs, or acquaintances who meet regularly to play. People's obsession with this game is so great that commuters will spend over an hour or two daily in each direction playing Rummy on trains and buses; some even begin by travelling in the opposite direction to the train's starting point to occupy be sure to claim their "regular" seats. Housewives take turns to gather their friends for whole afternoon of Rummy at home, eating and gossiping. Many groups go out on weekends / holidays to a nearby resort just to get long undisturbed hours for playing Rummy. There are clubs in big cities as well as in small places where while some elite groups indulge in playing  Bridge, which is considered more respectable, a large number prefer to play Rummy.