Loba v.1.0.0


Loba is a version of Rummy played in Argentina. Loba can be played here by from 2 to 4 players, using two ordinary 52 card decks plus 4 jokers.The players' aim is to get rid of all the cards from their hands, by forming them into combinations which can be put face up on the table. The allowable combinations are:

  •     Piernas: A pierna consists of three cards of the same rank from different suits.
  •     Escaleras: An escalera consists of four or more cards of the same suit in sequence.

A player's turn consists of three parts:

  •     Drawing a card: a player must draw either the top card on the discard pile or the top card on the draw pile;
  •     Putting down cards: this is optional;
  •     Discarding one card from his hand to the discard pile.

Jokers may only be put down in escaleras, not in piernas. Not more than two Jokers can be included in one escalera. The play ends when one player gets rid of all their cards. This player normally scores nothing, and each of the other players scores penalty points for the cards remaining in their hands.