Big Two v.1.0.0


This climbing game probably originated in coastal China around 1980; it became very popular in Shanghai, Hong Kong, Taiwan and also in the Philippines and Singapore; it has also spread to some western countries. It has several alternative names:  "Big Two", "Big Deuce" or "Deuces" are the names commonly used in the English speaking world (mainly USA and Australia). "Da Lao Er" is Mandarin Chinese and literally means "big old two". "Choh Dai Di" or simply "Dai Di","Bu Bu Gao Sheng" ("step by step rise higher") are another names used for this game in Taiwan. "Pusoy Dos" is the usual name used in the Philippines. The object of the game is to be the first to get rid of all of your cards, by playing them to the table. Cards can be played singly or in certain combinations. If you cannot be first to play all your cards, then your aim is to have as few cards as possible when another player finishes.